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Détail de l'annonce

    La description

    Type : Achat
    Date : mars 7, 2019
    Numéro de l'annonce : 438
    Quantité : 3000
    Emplacement : Gabon

    – 1ere demande/ 1St REQUEST:

    * Product: Chicken paws or Chicken feet

    * Brand Name: SIF APPROVED_________

    * Model Number: SIF APPROVED________

    * Place of Origin: xxxBrasil

    * Frozen Chicken: ALL Grade

    * Specifications:

    – Clean(skin in white color)

    – No Yellow Skin

    – No Feathers

    – No Bad Smell

    – No Blood

    – No Black Pad

    – No Bruise

    – No Chemical Burns

    – Outer Hard Nail Removed

    – Ice Content 0.3%

    – Broken Bones Less Than 0.5%

    – Moisture Less Than 2%

    – No Black Spot

    * Weight :According to Grade(Please mark it A+___A__B___C__)

    * Length:Please Mark it______________

    * Quantity: 100 kT/Y

    * Style:Frozen

    * Packaging:Box-2*10 KG OR 20 KG Carton (Each carton with Label of Goods Description),40 Ft Refrigerated Container

    * Delivery Size and Schedule:

    Certification: Please Provide Certificate of SGS, Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Inspection and Quarantine, HACCP, the Supplier must have China food registered and record.

    * Mode of Payment: Letter of Credit

    * Destination Port Discharge: DALIAN Port or China Main Port

    * Guarantee: Please Provide Letter of Commitment which can guarantee supplier products Batch number, Safty, Health, Quality etc.

    – la 2eme demande / 2nde REQUEST:

    1-Commodity : Frozen Chicken Paws , Frozen Chicken Feet, Wing Midlle Joint

    2- Incoterms Terms : CIF

    3-Quantity: 50~ 100 (1 s t trial 1~10) containers per month for a period three ( 03 ) years


    a. Well Cleaned and Fresh

    b. White skin with no feather

    c. Outer yellow skin off, no outer nail, no bruises

    d. No Black spot on the paw center

    e. CHICKEN FEET without damage

    f. No black pads or ammonia burns

    g. No bad smells, no rip off skin

    h. No excessive blood or blood stains

    i. Ice content: less than 0.3%

    j. Broken bones less than 1.0%

    k. Moisture content less than 1.0%

    l. CHICKEN PAWS eight per piece average 25 to 40 grams

    CHICKEN FEET weight per piece average from 30 to 45 grams

    m. Shelf life: 12 months from shipping date

    n. Storage at: minus 18 degrees Celsius.

    o. Blasted at: minus 40 degrees Celsius (minimum 6 hours)

    p. Temperature during Transportation: Minus 18 degrees Celsius

    5- Country of Origin: Brazil

    6- Destination Country : Dalian (China Mainland)

    7- Payment Terms: 100% LC (Letter of Credit), Irrevocable, Transferable

    j’attend vos offres.


    M.Aubin EDZOME



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